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After keeping this baby for two years in the store, they finally gave it to me. One day ill pass this baby onto someone else. In the mean time im super excited! Coco when i engrave it and make it official, you’ll be with me where ever i ride <3 love you!

Our first purchases together &lt;3 remembering coco&lt;3







Even mom  turnt


So live!!!!!

I’ve never been so hype to have kids in my whole life

Me as a mom tbh



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coco just past away…

My dog is passing away

I knew this was coming. I dont know why im so upset. I havent stopped crying since i found him this morning. Its progressively getting worse i cant sleep. Im trying to comfort him but its like watching a person die. Ive had this dog since i was five and he was fine yesterday. I was playing fetch with his ball yesterday and now i keep having little scares that h has stopped breathing. Idk why he is fighting so damn fucking hard. I love this dog. Im never looking at another cocker spaniel and not crying. This hurts watching him slip like this.

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